Publishing update

October 23, 2017

Well, it’s funny. I’ve gotten used to seeing emails from publishers that begin with, “Thank you for your submission…” and end with some version of “but it’s not what we’re looking for.”  In fact, last week I got one of those for a story that had been with a higher profile publisher for 3 months. It was a fair let-down.

Today, for another story, I got this:

“Thank you for your submission to the Quarterly. We would like to include the story in the April 2018 issue.”

It started with the same “Thank you for your submission,” but ended without the “but!” Good times.

I’ll post a link to it once it publishes. In 6 months or so, heh.


4 Responses to “Publishing update”

  1. bvberry Says:


    • Thank you sir :)
      I’ve got two more out to publishers at the moment, awaiting the next rejection. And another story halfway done. If I could get all three published, that would get me within striking distance of my long-term goal (which is to collect 10-12 published stories in a …. collection).

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