September 20, 2017

Uh, heh. Well. A post once every 6 months is a blistering pace! One which I’ve managed to almost keep.

Some small updates. I did get another story accepted for publication, should be out in October. I’ll link to it when it’s out. I’ve got several more finished, in fact, also looking for homes. I spent most of the year not writing, but then got back to it the last month or two.

A friend and aspiring writer, Julie Reeser, interviewed me on her blog this week. It was fun. Stop by and take a look at her site, she’s much more interesting than I am!

(edit: this time with the right link!)

3 Responses to “September?”

  1. bvberry Says:

    Nice interview. Where can I get your stories?

  2. I can send you each of the stories, if you like. Two out of the three will also be available on the site where they were published (the third is only in print).

    I’ll send you one, and if you don’t hate it you can see the others ;)

  3. bvberry Says:

    Thank you, I would love that.

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