Lynn’s Escape wins a little prize

March 4, 2016

I should have posted this a week or so ago, but, <insert excuse here> and didn’t.

I wanted to quickly thank everyone who read and commented on this short story. It won in the  “PROSE – FANTASY AND S.F.”  category, which doubled the money I received for it. Which sounds neat but we’re talking rather small figures ;)

Here’s where the winners are posted, if curious:

As for other stories, I’ve been slacking pretty hard. I do have another short story sitting around 6k words (which is too long) that I hope to wrap a draft on soon. Be awhile before there is any news on that one, I’d say.

3 Responses to “Lynn’s Escape wins a little prize”

  1. bvberry Says:


  2. seandgolden Says:

    Way to go! Is that the link you wanted us to help you promote?

  3. The link I just posted? Nah, no promotion needed this time. Just if curious :)

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