Story #2 published

January 15, 2016

Odd, that story #2 gets published before story #1, even though I signed the contract for story #1 months ago.


The market for story #2 is brand new, and I would say its presentation has some rough edges. Perhaps more than a few. Story #1 is (heh) a different story and will be out in print.  Perhaps that is why the process there is slower.  Story #2 is (I think) online only.

It is not that easy to find. Rough edges, as I said. I will paste a link. I will also say that apparently there may be a “best of” at some point at this market. It is therefore important to leave a comment on the story after reading it. I guess there is a comment button or something.

Story can be read HERE. Please leave a comment if you read it (at the magazine, not here on the blog). Even if you hate it, which many people did ;)

For what it’s worth, this story contains real people and events (as in, people I’ve seen, events I’ve witnessed). With some embellishments. The other story, story #1, due out in March, is about magic and wizards. So, totally different.

I suppose I’ve rambled enough now. Stop me before I kill again.

First news of the year

January 4, 2016

After six soul-crushing rejections, I’ve sold another short story. It is due to be published (ironically) much sooner than the last story I sold, which is still not out (that one’s due in March).

More details when it comes out.

As an aside, I seem to tend toward parenthetical phrases far too often.