November 11, 2015

A few thoughts to jot down. Maybe I can turn some of these into an editing checklist for myself some day…

I mentioned that the last editor to reject my second story (it’s about a homeless guy) left me some helpful comments. She said the writing was “generally strong” (yay!) and had good characterization. She also said I was “filtering” and gave several examples.

As it turns out, I’ve been told in numerous critiques that I need to “show, don’t tell.” I’ve been painfully aware that telling too much is a tendency of mine, but it is hard for me to detect in my own writing. I am sort of getting the hang of detecting passive voice, but that is not quite the same thing.

I had never heard of “filtering,” but between the editor’s examples and some googling, I see now exactly what is going on and how it contributes to my tell vs. show problem.

I seriously doubt anyone is interested, but it came as a revelation to me, at least :D

Now I have a clearer picture on a specific writing pattern I can scan my work for when editing. I’m hoping that will help! And… just for my own reference if nothing else:

Filtering discussed

List of filter words

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