Wait, there’s a blog?

November 2, 2015

It’s only been a few dozen months since I posted. Hardly any time at all!

So why post now? I do NOT have exciting news that I am developing games again. Instead, I have the modest news that I have been writing. Not really “again.”

What does that mean? It means I’ve been turning out short stories. The first one has been accepted by The Great Tomes Series and is due to be published in early 2016. That’s especially noteworthy because it is the first story I’ve submitted anywhere for publication, and I found it encouraging to get a little taste of success on my first attempt. All downhill from here, right?

I’ve got several more stories running around, I’ll be sure to post if something noteworthy happens on that front. I think I’ll try posting some book reviews, too, at some point.

There it is.

6 Responses to “Wait, there’s a blog?”

  1. ben Says:

    more details please…

  2. What, people read this? Heh! Didn’t count on a comment appearing here.

    Follow the link for a little bit more detail. And I’ll be seeing if I can post more as things happen, if they do.

  3. mtnlurker Says:

    Congratulations, dude!

  4. Thanks! I am further shocked that people have read this post. :p

  5. seandgolden Says:

    Congratulations! More to come I’m sure. My only short story submission so far was rejected. :(

  6. Thanks, Sean. Was that the story I read recently? I thought that one was really good. Have you visited:

    Lots of markets to search / find a good fit.

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