November 11, 2015

A few thoughts to jot down. Maybe I can turn some of these into an editing checklist for myself some day…

I mentioned that the last editor to reject my second story (it’s about a homeless guy) left me some helpful comments. She said the writing was “generally strong” (yay!) and had good characterization. She also said I was “filtering” and gave several examples.

As it turns out, I’ve been told in numerous critiques that I need to “show, don’t tell.” I’ve been painfully aware that telling too much is a tendency of mine, but it is hard for me to detect in my own writing. I am sort of getting the hang of detecting passive voice, but that is not quite the same thing.

I had never heard of “filtering,” but between the editor’s examples and some googling, I see now exactly what is going on and how it contributes to my tell vs. show problem.

I seriously doubt anyone is interested, but it came as a revelation to me, at least :D

Now I have a clearer picture on a specific writing pattern I can scan my work for when editing. I’m hoping that will help! And… just for my own reference if nothing else:

Filtering discussed

List of filter words

Now this is more like it!

November 9, 2015

Rejection, that is.

My second story, which was quite a departure from what I usually write, has racked up three rejections already. I may spend a little more time editing it–the last rejection came with a nice set of comments from the editor.

It’s just as well. If my second story had been accepted on the heels of the first one being accepted I might have let it go to my head!

I’ve been  a little  very slow producing stories #3 and #4. I actually started one, then got stuck, and decided to “let it lie” for a while and start on another one… which is now also stuck. :p

Wait, there’s a blog?

November 2, 2015

It’s only been a few dozen months since I posted. Hardly any time at all!

So why post now? I do NOT have exciting news that I am developing games again. Instead, I have the modest news that I have been writing. Not really “again.”

What does that mean? It means I’ve been turning out short stories. The first one has been accepted by The Great Tomes Series and is due to be published in early 2016. That’s especially noteworthy because it is the first story I’ve submitted anywhere for publication, and I found it encouraging to get a little taste of success on my first attempt. All downhill from here, right?

I’ve got several more stories running around, I’ll be sure to post if something noteworthy happens on that front. I think I’ll try posting some book reviews, too, at some point.

There it is.