Various short updates

November 14, 2012

A shame I have not posted more.

Great shame.

I have a few tidbits, none of which are worthy of a post individually.

First, RPGWatch is my new best friend!  They have agreed to post regular news articles on my current project.  Check out the first one here:

Second, I spent considerable time this year editing a book on API design.  It is now finished and can be purchased here:

Last, an observation about my development practices and how I spend my time.  Actually, I COULD make a full post out of this one, but until such time as I believe I have a large number of readers, I am probably too lazy.  At any rate, here is the observation:

NEVER EVER EVER copy and paste code.  I spend hours tracking down bugs that boil down to this root cause.  Besides being bug-prone, it indicates design flaws when one is copy/pasting.  Lesson learned?  Sigh.  Probably not.